The boat ramp on the Burrum River at the old Howard power station site.
The boat ramp on the Burrum River at the old Howard power station site. Alistair Brightman

LETTER: Howard park and boat ramp are valuable assets

LETTER TO EDITOR: It was with dismay we read the article in the Fraser Coast Chronicle re Fraser Coast Regional Council not wanting to take responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of the park and boat ramp at the old powerhouse site at Howard.

This is a valuable asset to the people of the Burrum district, many of whom have boats and like their recreational fishing, and family outings on the river.

As owner operators of the Burrum River Caravan Park at Howard, a large number of our tourists, who stay with us, are ardent fishermen and launch their boats from the powerhouse boat ramp.

These facilities, (boat ramp and toilets) are paramount to these boaties, as the boat ramp opposite the park (at the small rest area, near the bridge) is totally inadequate for anything but a small tinnie, and impossible to launch or retrieve a larger boat at low tide, as it is no longer serviced, and covered in mud.

As for the vandalism occurring at the toilet block, a small security system with camera would deter most vandals.

The council may also like to consider a caretaker to live on-site.

Apart from a small amount of electricity used, the caretaker could have a free powered site, in return for cleaning the toilet block, and act as a deterrent for anyone wishing to damage the area.

Food for thought?

- Bruce and Vonette Noble, Burrum