LETTER: Money makes the spin go ‘round

IT'S said if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be believed.

How many spin doctors does it take to change a light bulb?

One to hold the bulb and as many as it takes to turn public opinion.

The reason of crime prevalence has been known for years.

Its existence is a politically sanctioned profit scheme.

That's how manipulated society is.

Under publicly owned banks, money management was taught from primary school, now it has to be paid for with money or experience.

When credit cards were first 'given away' some thought it clever to pay one off with another while still accumulating debt.

Obviously an illogical thing to do.

But, it was the intention of private finance to hook consumers to debt.

Government was complicit.

Many politicians are let off scot-free by supposedly independently chosen inquirers.

Are royal commission terms of reference unbiased toward the findings?

The banking royal commission didn't consider the question of banking separation being beneficial for consumers.

Why not if it was in the interests of consumers?

There's only one reason, ordinary people don't matter, "There's plenty more where they came from."

Kind regards,

Peter Pronczak