LETTER: Old and new Labor pains

Old Labor with the American spelling, was recognition of Alexander Hamilton's financial system that lead to our original CBA. Such origins date back in diversity to Nicholas of Cusa, Leonardo DaVinci, even Giuseppe Verdi's musical tuning.

New Labor should return to the English spelling being no different to Liberals, Conservatives, the House of Lords, the Queen's Privy Council or the disarray of US Democrats.

Trump is no fool, playing his cards close to his chest and using emotive tweets. The meaning of "making America great again" is believed to relate to what he said during his initial campaign. And the post WWII re-establishment of nasty origins dating to the first Roman Empire.

Before Obama's inauguration he capitulated to a Foreign Office threat to be rewarded with the Peace Prize. Being a constitutional lawyer he should know what was meant by 'Militia' in the Second Amendment. Yet no President has acted on it; perhaps one day.

As to Australia and new Labor, other News Corp publications; The Australian July 2nd and Sunday Mail, have carried stories of Michael Shellenberger's renewable energy apologetic recant (his twelve point facts are interesting). Shellenberger helped persuade the Obama administration to invest $90 billion US into them. With Peta Credlin (SM July

5) writing agreeably of Shellenberger, support for nuclear energy and mentioned Micheal Moore's film Planet of the Humans; this should not be ignored by the ALP, LNP, taxpayers footing the bill, or anyone else except the abundance of 'armchair experts'.

Britain is paying wind farms not to produce electricity. Reminiscent of the EU milk lake and butter mountain that also saw farmers paid not to produce.

How can such a situation not be thought foolish?

Peter Pronczak

Hervey Bay