Letters: This is why the Aboriginal flag needs to fly

In reference to Bob Terkelsen's recent letter regarding the flag. I could fill the whole NewsMail with my response but I will try in a short version and it will be my last. 

The British Flag came to our Ancient timeless land in 1788 King George III was Commander and Chief of the First Fleet of discarded convicts under Captain Phillip in 1788 to invade our Sovereign Country without consent of the Aboriginal First Nation people and commence their brutal warfare against our people.

Aboriginal means; The First Inhabitants of a Country, also relates to our Culture and heritage.

He was clearly Commissioned in the following manner on the 12th October, 1786; We, the British Empire reposing special trust and confidence in your loyalty, courage and experience in Military Affairs, do by these presents, constitute and appoint you to be Governor of our territory called New South Wales, you are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of Governor in and over said territory by doing and performing all manner of things there unto belonging, and we do hereby strictly charge and command all our soldiers and all others whom it may concern, to obey you as our Governor (Old Habits die hard-sound familiar)  thereof; and you are to observe and follow such orders and directions from time to time as you shall receive from us, or any other your superior officer

"According to the rules and disciplines of WAR".

Also the mass destruction of our people was through the foreign diseases imported to this land by the illegal British boat people was tantamount to germ warfare.

The fact that the invaders were massacring hundreds and thousands of people with impunity, through private militia groups and the British Redcoats, was one of the earliest forms of genocide that equated with any of the British crusades of the earlier centuries.

The invasion of Australia by the British was in fact contrary to both the Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights, both of which still stand in law today in Britain and Australia. It should be said that the Magna Carta precluded the right of the British crown to exercise tyranny and genocide on nay people, nor was the King (or Queen) permitted to de-seize the freeman of his land and possessions.

Now the current Queen of England Elizabeth II is the current commander and chief as the British Monarchy representing the British Empire as Australia is still tied to her apron strings via her representative the Governor General has the power to order the Prime Minister of Australia and the Australian Government to enter into a Treaty with the last Commonwealth Country Australia with First Nation people noting their Westminster System and political structure is set up under the imported English Common Law which they did where they invaded countries without the consent of the First Nation people and then set up their rule of Government again without the consent or input of the original owners. 

Books have been written of Australia's Bloody massacres like "Blood on the wattle" by Bruce Elder another book called the "Rivers of Blood" regarding the horrific and heinous massacres of First Nation people in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW.

In 1999 Judith Monticone (another white historian) wrote a book called 'Healing the Land" she painstakingly put together a well researched book showing State by State, massacre by massacre a list of at least a thousand places where and how our people were systematically massacred.    

Everywhere the British Empire went they went with brutal force and set up their Government structures under British common law this past brutality mindset rule is still in place is still traumatizing our people today the problems have become transgenerational with unresolved trauma still a big issue brought about by the British rule and policies over our people. 

This is not the "Black Arm Band View" of the history of Australia since 1788 this is the "White View" written by White Australian historians.

On the 10th, December 1992 then Prime Minister the Hon Paul Keating gave a speech on Aboriginal reconciliation addressing issues faced by indigenous Australians such as their land and children being taken away.

This speech became known as The Redfern Address where he stated "We Committed the murders" we failed to ask - how would I feel if this were done to me?". He is the only person at this highest level who ever admitted to these barbaric massacres and the innocent shed blood.

This is why we need to go back to the scene of the crime and challenge the "Head of the Monarchy" her Representative The Governor General and The Prime Minister of Australia to accept their past shameful history to stand up straight and have a good hard, honest look at themselves and confront the hidden things of the past and bring it all out in the open that occurred during the birth of this Nation which is still stuck in the birth canal of the British Empire who are still the ruling Empire under British common law of the Westminster system.

The past history has to be exposed as it has been secretly put under the carpet for too long and the Royal Plush Carpet has a name called "Australia's Shame".      

Neil Gilmore a Religious man pointed out that the first white people who came to Australia were English discards of the British Empire (Criminals, Thieves and Prostitutes).

A convict people that were rejected as English rubbish over 227 years ago then were allowed to run wild and spew out their violence and shed the "Blood" of innocent unsuspecting beautiful people of this Ancient timeless land owned by the First Nation people.

Approximately 165,000 + convicts were sent here by the British Empire 1788 to 1868 by commander in chief King George the 111 wave after wave of criminals, thieves and prostitutes. These convicts had no law and order in place to control their barbarian criminal behaviour and within 100 years over run the whole country and mostly taken by massacre. 

Our people suffered extreme violence from this onslaught, therefore if it all this is true and correct and is supported by white historians and a former Prime Minister of Australia then the British Empire and the institution of the British Monarchy is still responsible for the past and has to be made accountable today in 2015. 

Now to confront the flag issue Australia did not have their own flag until 1954 so from the British invasion from 1788 to 1954 came under the British flag which perpetrated the massacres of our people.

Then Aboriginal warriors fought in the first world war under the same flag that massacred their own people but then when the cam back they were treated again like second class citizens. (See recent article Barambah Old boys Aboriginals who fought in World War one and how they describe their treatment back in Australia) as an Aboriginal I note nothing much has changed.

Our people are still on the receiving end of Racist bigotry in this Country 217 after the British arrived.
In the top left hand corner is the Union Jack.  This shows that Australia is part of the British Commonwealth. 

Beneath the Union Jack is a large white star with seven points.  The points represent the six states and the territories.  Originally this star had six points.  The seventh point, for the territories was added in 1908.
On the right hand side are the stars of the Southern Cross. 

The Southern Cross was chosen because it can always be seen in the Australian sky at night.
So why would Aboriginal people identify with a flag that massacred our people? But in relation to the Southern Cross our people lived under the canopy of heaven of our Creator for thousands of years and is the only part that we could identify with.

Let's fly both flags which will unite Australia rather than divide it because the invasion in 1788 divided us, the White Australia policy and Constitution in 1901 divided us, Australia Day 26th January, (Invasion Day) divides us and the current Australian Flag still divides us.

True Reconciliation starts with respect and recognition and flying our flag as First nation people, or change the Flag and adopt our part in it and throw out the White Australian Constitution cut the ties with the British Colonial history move to a referendum and enter into a Treat with the First nation people than outstanding issues can be resolved and we can talk together, walk  together, unite together and protect our Beatiful Ancient Country together.

Mr Kerry Blackman, Respected and Recognised Aboriginal Justice Leader.