Harry's view on Surf Lakes Yeppoon development.
Harry's view on Surf Lakes Yeppoon development.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Police and health workers attacked



Essential workers attacked

Police, teachers and health workers face innumerable challenges in their daily duties, over and above the roles their job criteria specify.

Abuse by those they seek to help, exacerbates their stress.

Social issues such as mental illness, homelessness, family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, child negligence and unemployment exacerbate the dysfunction of our communities. Public workers are exposed to far more than humanly possible.

The great divide between the rich and poor, haves and have-nots, in a rich, first-world nation like ours, have created a class system.

Governments are self-absorbed and out-of-touch.

Inequity and social injustice impact our communities on the ground, detrimental to law and order and harmonious interaction between authorities and communities which feel it is "them versus us".

There is no love lost on either side.

As a consequence, protests and violence in our streets and institutions are the new norm.

We have lost the empathy and humanity which unites us.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's view on Surf Lakes Yeppoon development.
Harry's view on Surf Lakes Yeppoon development.



ANON. Another bad smash at Derby and Denison streets. I think they should put flashing lights 'stop stop stop'.

LPMC. CQ Hospital and Health Service overspent $14.23mil with their 19/20 Budget, that's over $40,000 per day, what a joke. How much longer do Qld's tax payers have to put up with bureaucratic incompetence. That's right, four years, I forgot.



The fate of Rockhampton's Kern Arcade Markets has been revealed.


Adrian Cerqui: It's all gone downhill ever since they took away the old mall and put the street straight through.

Stella Hughes Smith: How horrifying is it that there are no public amenities for the CBD & how far do you have to go for the one on the riverbank? The public amenities map for Rockhampton shows nothing either, the closest they showed was City Centre Plaza. No wonder the CBD is on its deathbed!

Paul Curnow: Ghost town in 10 years. Just saying.