LETTER: Are there any pollies who aren't rorting the system?

LETTER TO EDITOR: Re travel rorts: The Labor Party is a joke. Tony Burke, the ALP guy who spearheaded Bronwyn Bishop's downfall, took his family on a taxpayer-funded holiday.

This makes what Bishop did a mere speck of dust in the eye in comparison.

We can be guaranteed that Burke won't have to resign, won't face any sanction, yet alone face criminal charges, and there's a reason for this. The number of rorters in parliament is in plague proportions.

Is there any of them, Labor, Liberal, Green, who isn't rorting?

We can also be guaranteed that Abbott won't genuinely seek to stop this system. The last guy who tried was Howard, and he was forced to concede defeat when his ministers were dropping like tenpins, while ALP rorters remained safe on the opposition benches.

But then again, maybe it's not their fault.

After all, we know what they're like, and yet we continue voting them back in.

Maybe we're to blame for green-lighting their actions?

If you genuinely want things to change, then there's a simple way to do this.

It's called the ballot box.

This is the only language they'll understand.

-Brian Branch, Tinana