LETTER: Stronger representative needed for Division 4

I STOOD for Division 4 because I believe the inner city of Maryborough needed a stronger representative than Daniel Sanderson to stand up and fight for important issues, such as providing space for the booming RV industry.

Inner Maryborough could be transformed by the RV industry overnight and the markets given a new lease of life in that issue alone, which was endorsed by the expensive and time-wasting "Imagine this City" venture orchestrated by Cr Sanderson but not acted upon.

He went along meekly with a bizarre plan to provide four sites with conditions - a plan that had heads shaking and comments of "they just don't get it" within the local and broader RV communities.

I congratulate Cr Sanderson on being re-elected and looked forward to him being a stronger representative for Division 4.

Councillor for City and Town Centre Development Daniel Sanderson believes there is a real sense of confidence in the Maryborough CBD and the entire Fraser Coast.
Daniel Sanderson Contributed

Now he is trying to excuse his action in accompanying the rest of the council to a retreat at the Bunya Mountains instead of choosing a local venue.

A lot of claims were made in the election about supporting local businesses.

Two councillors have refused to go because the retreat is outside the region.

Cr Sanderson is going with the flow, but trying to excuse his action by saying he didn't vote on the chosen retreat. Neither did the other councillors who stood on their principles.

Cr Sanderson is high on pleasantries but low on performance, apart from saving up his discretionary budget to toss trinkets such as swings in parks into the division just before election time.

This is not sour grapes. It is a letter urging Cr Sanderson to stand up for what he believes in instead of taking the weak "doing as I am told" line.

Division 4, with its empty shops and thinning markets, needs a strong advocate to boldly bring in RVs.

Darryl Gleich, Maryborough