LGBT folk need to create a word: letter

CARLIE Walker seems to want what we already have!   

Except in cases of domestic violence we have marriage equality now.   

There is nothing stopping two lovers being united, legislation related to couples living together and having co-ownership of property treats us all the same.   

So I wonder what Carlie is on about?

What really is at issue here is a small group of people (LGBT) wanting to change the meaning of marriage.

One has to ask why?   Marriage or its equivalent in other languages, has been the union of a man and woman; it defines a state of being.   

When we talk of a horse we all know what we are on about, we don't confuse the issue with a dog or motor car.  

Language is all about meaning.

Without meaning, language just becomes noise.  

Once we start to redefine the meaning of words, all our literature, legislation, even language itself, become obsolete.   

We can look forward to the day that one grunt means Yes and two grunts mean No.  

If serious, the LGBT community should be looking at creating a new word to meet its needs, not tampering with the meaning of our language.   JOHN A NEVE,   John A Neve   Torquay