OPINION: Life with Spotlight – for better or worse

OPINION: The opening of the new Spotlight store in Hervey Bay is exciting news for many, but none more so than my wife.

She is without doubt a card-carrying Spotlight junkie and has even vetoed some holidays due to no Spotlight store within shopping range.

While most people plan a holiday around the attractions of an area, as we do, the fact that a Spotlight store is nearby is considered a definite bonus for my beloved.

She developed this affinity for Spotlight when she visited one in Brisbane.

For her, it was love at first sight and I knew from that moment I had no chance of regaining her affections.

You see my beloved is endeared to all things crafty - card craft, scrap booking, sewing, doll-making and so the list goes on.

She even commandeered one of the spare rooms, removing all bedroom furniture and installing her much loved craft. From that day on I was banned from the inner sanctum of her craft room.

However, I do (when she has gone shopping) enter the room, just to get a feeling of being in control of our own house.

I have now decided that when I depart this mortal coil I fully intend to be cremated and my ashes spread over the Hervey Bay Spotlight store, at least in this way I know she will visit me several times every week.