Linc Energy prosecution stressing defendants: lawyers

THE prosecution in the case against five former executives of Linc Energy has promised to provide more documents to the defendants by the end of the month.

The matter was heard in the Dalby Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

All five defendants, who face charges of failing to ensure Linc Energy complied with the Environmental Protection Act had legal representation via telephone.

Prosecutor Ralph Devlin QC outlined several documents that were outstanding, and that were anticipated to be handed to the defendants by July 31.

Mr Devlin outlined the unusual nature of the case, as the trial against Linc Energy as a company is scheduled to begin on October 30, in Brisbane, and stated the prosecution believed it would be fair to wait for the result of that case before pursuing  individual charges.

However lawyers for the defendants said the process was causing stress and was not allowing the defendants to prepare for a possible trial.

No brief of evidence has been handed to any defendants to date and the prosecution is still gathering material.

Magistrate Robbie Davies highlighted the unusual nature of the case, citing the issues both sides were facing.

"It is an unsatisfactory situation but it is also a very unusual situation," Mr Davies said.

The case has been adjourned to August 1, with Mr Davies asking, "a list of all the anticipated evidence that (is) required" from the prosecution before that day.