SHINING LIGHT: A candlelight tribute to Sam
SHINING LIGHT: A candlelight tribute to Sam

Little battler inspires as he fights for a ninth birthday

SAM Martin's family is taking one day at a time as they edge closer to the little battler's birthday.

In a month, the Coolum State School student will turn nine, but for now, his family is only looking towards tomorrow as he battles through the final stages of an aggressive form of cancer.

Well wishes continue to stream in from friends and strangers online.

A small Facebook page aimed at updating friends and family has now attracted more than 4000 "likes" from those who have been inspired by Sam's bravery.

Sam has been at home for two weeks, very weak and sick, but in the comfort of his bedroom and surrounded by family.

"We are getting to have more periods with Sam when he is awake, even if it is so short and with his words jumbled these moments are precious," his dad Mark Martin said. "He's mixing up his words and people, it's just so sad to see.

"We have accepted where we are at with this and can't change where we are going."

Doctors, nurses and staff continue to visit Sam at home, while his parents are looking at every avenue to ensure he is comfortable and managing his pain through natural therapies.

The family have been blown away by the support from the community who have been lighting a candle in their homes at 7pm each night in honour of Sam, and uploading the image to Facebook.

While Sam sleeps, people from across the globe have shared their memories, pictures and symbols of support. And large crowds have been climbing Mount Coolum on Sunday mornings in Sam's honour.

Their aim is not to raise funds for the family - who have never asked for a cent - but to send a clear message the world is not ready to say goodbye to this tough little kid.