Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough.
Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting, Maryborough. Valerie Horton

COUNCIL MEETING: Councillors to get payrise

UPDATE 11.15am: An extension to a telecommunications tower in Craignish has been approved by councillors.

Council documents reveal the development will comprise of a 35m monopole with a number of panel antennas.

The motion was carried 8-2, with councillors Rolf Light and George Seymour voting against.

Cr Light said he held concerns with the location of the development and the safety aspects of the new 35m monopole.

10:45am: Councillors are getting a payrise of 2.25% after a recommendation by the Local Government tribunal was passed.

Under the determination, councillors will now earn $87,929, the deputy mayor $99,921 and the mayor $151,878.

The vote was carried unanimously by councillors.

The tribunal reviews their maximum remuneration for elected members every year.

10:30am: GOOD morning Fraser Coast and welcome back to another exciting council meeting for this year!

All eyes are on former mayor Chris Loft, who fronted public participation this morning.

Mr Loft was sacked nearly two weeks ago in a historic move by the State Government.

Calling the past few weeks an "emotional rollercoaster" he said he felt there were politicians "in this room and our region and state who have let their political ambition overtake their original desire to serve their communities."

"I fully intend to be chairing council meetings in the near future when I'm reinstated, and I felt compelled to come here today to share that with my colleagues and also the community who elected me," Mr Loft said.

"A politician from William St in Brisbane should have no say in the democracy in the Fraser Coast, or any other reason."

Mr Loft reaffirmed he would appeal his dismissal.

"Before I return to my democratically elected position as mayor, I want to send a message to anyone who has plotted, conspired, connived or cheered on as this government has tried to silence me and stop me from telling my community what is truly going on in local government here," Mr Loft said.

"I hold no angst or anger and will not be seeking vengeance upon my return.

"While you may have rejoiced when I was dismissed last week and been angry that I will return, I came here today to let you know that I forgive you."