Live TV interview turns nasty


A former Trump White House figure has launched an angry tirade on Australian TV while being grilled over the deadly Capitol Hill riot.

The historic second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is under way in Washington as Democrats accuse the former president of stoking the January attack.

Mr Trump repeatedly made baseless claims that his November election loss was fabricated, including to a rally of supporters in Washington on the morning of the assault.

When Trump loyalist Sebastian Gorka was asked by Sky News host Laura Jayes whether the former president had created an "environment" enabling the assault, he instead referenced the Black Lives Matter protest.



When Jayes attempted to bring him back to the topic, Mr Gorka launched into a personal attack, referring to her as "my dear".

"I've looked at your Twitter feed, you're not exactly the most unbiased reporter in the world," he said on Thursday.

Sebastian Gorka clashes with Sky News host Laura Jayes.
Sebastian Gorka clashes with Sky News host Laura Jayes.

Jayes said her guest had clearly "come spoiled for a fight" but attempted to get the interview back on track.

"As a conservative, I'm often confused as to why you saw support Donald Trump without any criticism at all. He's is the antithesis of conservatism, isn't he?" she asked

Mr Gorka did not answer the question, accusing the host of "a cheap shot" before peddling unproven claims over US election fraud.


Mr Trump released a video hours after the rioters had breached the Capitol, urging them to go home in peace.

But he also praised the rioters as "very special" and reiterated his claims of voter fraud.

Jayes pressed her guest on whether Mr Trump could have prevented the riot.

"He did, get your facts straight. After the violent events occurred, he went instantly to Facebook and recorded a video to tell people go home," Mr Gorka said.

"After it occurred, that's the key point," she replied.

Mr Gorka did not respond to the clarification, instead accusing the host of "anti-Trump" bias.

"Get a patsy on. If you want somebody to agree with your anti-Trump rhetoric, don't ask me on your show," he said.

Mr Gorka served as Mr Trump's deputy assistant for less than a year in 2017.

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