Dr Duncan Murray
Dr Duncan Murray Helen Spelitis

LNP talk up jail time for assaults on nurses, paramedics

ANYONE who assaults a nurse, doctor, or paramedic will spend a week in jail, under an LNP Queensland government.

The party announced the policy to introduce minimum penalties for serious assaults on frontline emergency services workers, earlier this year.

It's an issue that is front and centre for the LNP's Jordan candidate Dr Duncan Murray who himself has been punched, kicked and spat at while trying to save lives in busy emergency departments.

He said the issue of assaults and the increase in ice use across the state went hand in hand.

Dr Murray acknowledged ice was not a factor in all assaults on frontline workers, but said the drug often caused violence and aggression, leading to assaults.

"The statistics I've seen indicate there has been a 20 per cent increase in assaults on paramedics in the past five years but I suspect those workers are under-reporting it," Dr Murray said.

"And that's because frontline workers often consider assault to be a part of their job and they put up with it, but they shouldn't have to.

"These are dedicated people who deserve better and to be able to do their work without being assaulted."

Drug crime in Ipswich has increased by more than 70% in Ipswich over the past five years.

Labor this week announced $1.5million in funding for Ipswich rehabilitation services to continue delivering their programs, to tackle the city's growing ice epidemic.

The LNP has a five-point plan to deal with ice across the state, including allocating an extra $1million to Crime Stoppers, and says more announcements will follow.