DEDICATED: Owner of ETS Compound Shaun Arnold is helping his clients stay on track during these uncertain times.
DEDICATED: Owner of ETS Compound Shaun Arnold is helping his clients stay on track during these uncertain times.

Local gym going strong amid COVID-19 restrictions

AS AUSTRALIANS come to grips with their new, albeit temporary, normal, a Central Queensland gym has taken measures to ensure its clients keep up their fitness regimen.

Under tough restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rockhampton's ETS Compound has closed the doors to its gym.

In its place however a dedicated ETS app which hosts online training sessions and programs was created.

Gym owner Shaun Arnold said most training was readily available and included the capability to deliver at-home workouts, record results for accountability and a complimentary 150-recipe e-book.

While keeping active was a big factor behind the move to online, Mr Arnold also recognised the mental health implications which could arise during self-isolation.

"We have provided our clients with a personal psychological handbook designed by Life and Business coach Naomi Arnold, to help clients work through fears, plus an emergency motivation plan to help them identify healthy thoughts," he said.

"We are definitely connecting with our members more than ever to see how they are doing and what we can do to support them through this time tough time."

Live group training will also be launched via Zoom in coming days to allow members real-time sessions with coaches and fellow gym-goers.

While outdoor bootcamps for up to 10 people were taking place, revised COVID-19 restrictions announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison have effectively ceased the sessions.

In its place, clients are ­instead provided a free 20-minute one-on-one HIIT training.

Though disheartened by the new rules, Mr Arnold said the gym's online presence had undoubtedly proven more engaging.

"It's evident exercise and movement are just as, if not more, important right now with all the stress and anxiety people are feeling," he said.

The gym has experienced a surreal amount of community support, he said, adding it had been heartbreaking to see so many people affected by coronavirus.

"We're doing everything we can to show our support in return and help our clients mental health during this time," Mr Arnold said.