Locals hired for Ozcare clean-up totalling 55,000 hours

BEFORE residents will be ready to move into the Ozcare Hervey Bay, the building will need to be made sparkling clean.

For a facility that will be three storeys tall and have a capacity for more than 150 beds, that is a lot of windows, walls and rooms to wipe and dust.

Local company Green and Clean Team has been contracted to do the job.

Green and Clean Team owner Gary Jensen said he estimated the clean-up process to be about 55,000 hours' worth.

"We have the job of cleaning inside and out, starting outside and pulling the scaffolding down," Mr Jensen said.

The team started work earlier this month with a handful of people on-shift, and is set to grow to have up to 20 people on-site at a time.

"As the number of crews we have on grows, we'll have them working on different levels to get the job done," Mr Jensen said.

Staff are being hired through a local job agency.

"We just want people who want to work, and that work well," Mr Jensen.

The goal is to have the cleaning done by March 31.

This may sound like a big job, but Green and Clean Team are now strangers to tasks of a large proportion.

Mr Jensen recalled when the team cleaned 954 showers and toilets twice a day, for 10 days, for the Australian Scout Jamboree at the Maryborough Showgrounds.

"We went through eight pallets of toilet paper," he said.