UPDATE 3PM: FRASER Coast residents have been anxiously waiting for an update on the latest result in the race to become the region's next mayor.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has not updated the results since late Sunday afternoon despite counting continuing on Monday.

Division three councillor Chris Loft is leading incumbent mayor Gerard O'Connell by about 3%.

Cr Loft has 10,707 votes compared to Cr O'Connell's 9,692.

But, the region could be in for an even longer wait.

The Easter break occurs within the mandated 10 day counting period while votes are waiting to come in.

An ECQ spokesman said counting will continue in some local government areas during the Easter period.

The spokesman did not clarify which areas.

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UPDATE 11AM: Chris Loft has held his lead of 1100 votes overnight on Sunday.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has not updated the mayoral race numbers on Monday morning.

Trailing Cr Loft by more than 1000 votes Cr O'Connell faces a tough battle to keep his job.

Steve Coleman's preferences are expected to fall to Cr Loft, further extending his lead.

Mr Coleman currently has 17% of the vote.

Jannean Dean, Greg Schmidt and Lee Carter have all conceded defeat.

EARLIER: Candidate Chris Loft has a 3% lead over his nearest rival - but neither incumbent Gerard O'Connell or Steve Coleman will concede defeat until all votes are counted in an incredibly close race to be the next mayor of the Fraser Coast.

Just 1100 votes seperate Cr Loft and Cr O'Connell. 

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An Electoral Commission spokesman said most of the ballots from booths would be counted in the next few days, but the race could be decided by postal votes.

Leading candidate Cr Loft was understandably the most jovial of the six hopefuls.

At a lunch for campaign volunteers in Dundowran on Sunday afternoon Cr Loft appeared relaxed and happy.

"The community has definitely spoken - 70% have said they are definitely wanting change," he said.

"It's still very close but I'm confident."

How it all unfolded on Saturday:  Loft opens lead as 33,962 Coast ballots counted


A preference deal made with fellow candidate businessman Steven Coleman had Cr Loft feeling even more buoyant about his prospects.

"That will come into play - I do expect preferences to flow in from Steve," he said.

Cr O'Connell was also looking to see how voting preferences would fall.

"I'm keeping an eye on the numbers - I don't know how many people exercised preferential votes," Cr O'Connell said.

"The margin I'm behind has increased but I'm hopeful the booths and the divisions I performed well in have still have got some more counting to be done.

"I'm not out of it but I'll need a big second half.

"I remain hopeful but to be trailing is not good - I'll just wait it out."

Watching councillors O'Connell and Loft trade blows, Mr Coleman was feeling positive.

"I'm pretty happy with the way things are going - I'm sitting third at the moment and we've got certain divisions that need to be counted," he said.

With just 10% of the vote, Jannean Dean said she was happy she had been able to highlight the issues facing the region.

Candidate Lee Carter who attracted 2% of the vote was frustrated with the result.

"I'm not very surprised but a bit disappointed by the public's perception of what's going on in the council," he said.

"The problems will continue and we'll be looking at those for the next four years."

Standing on the platform of 'rates down'; Greg Schmidt was complacent about his result.

"I'm a cool as a cucumber.

"I predicted I wouldn't win - I thought my percentage would be higher but that's okay.

"I'm going back to work at construction again here in Maryborough and just getting on with it."

An Electoral Commission of Queensland spokesman said counting would continue for the next ten days.

"We have to count for ten days to allow for postal votes to come back," he said.

The last day for postal votes to be accepted is Tuesday, March 29.


Chris Loft: 10,707 votes, 33.1%

Gerard O'Connell: 9692 votes, 30.0%

Steven Coleman: 5567 votes, 17.2%

Jannean Dean: 3423, 10.6%

Greg Schmidt: 2035 votes, 6.3%

Lee Carter: 880 votes, 2.7%

* Courtesy of the Electoral Commission Queensland, figures correct at 8pm Sunday