LOVE YOUR SISTER: Actor Samuel Johnson meets fans on the Town Hall Green in Maryborough.
LOVE YOUR SISTER: Actor Samuel Johnson meets fans on the Town Hall Green in Maryborough. Alistair Brightman

Logie winning actor wows crowd at M'boro Markets

FOR almost two years, Logie-winning actor Samuel Johnson has been on a mission - one that he completes every day in his sister's name.

Connie Johnson fought a battle with cancer throughout her life.

First she battled bone cancer, then uterine cancer and finally breast cancer, which ultimately claimed her life.

Together they started the charity Love Your Sister, raising millions in support of research to help find a cure for cancer.

Johnson, who won Dancing with the Stars earlier this year, is currently visiting the Fraser Coast to spread word of his new fundraising mission.

He hopes to raise $20 million to kickstart a revolution in the way cancer is treated in Australia.

That means talking with politicians, getting the public on board with ongoing donations and keeping the pledge he made to Connie - that they would "kick cancer in the face".

One might expect Johnson to still be deep in mourning for the sister he spent so much time with and with whom he built such an incredible charity.

But he said in many ways he wasn't as sad as he had expected to be, because he still felt his older sister's presence with him every day.

"She's still very close to me, I'm still doing her work," he said.

Johnson has his sister, Hilde, by his side, both providing encouragement for one another as they travel throughout Australia.

Yesterday they stopped at the Maryborough Markets where they were surrounded by well-wishers and those keen to support them on their next fundraising journey.

Those gathered got to check out Samuel's Logie award as well as the Dancing with the Stars trophy.

Tomorrow, Johnson will be at the Beach House Hotel in Scarness for Dancing Under the Stars, which will be presented by Genesis Care.

Doors will open from 6pm with the event to start at 6.30pm.

General admission will cost $75 and will include a welcome drink upon arrival, a three-course meal and live entertainment.