Here are some modern choices for baby names.
Here are some modern choices for baby names. Bev Lacey

Looking for a hip choice? Our top 10 modern baby names

Looking for a hip, modern baby name that will stand your youngster in good stead? Look no further.

Here is a list of the top 10 modern girls' names and top 10 modern boys names you will love.

Looking for a more traditional choice? Click here.

Boys' names:

5. Cruz. This choice packs a lot of energy and charm. It has become a popular choice after superstars Victoria and David Beckham gave their son this moniker. It also has the advantage of ancient origins, but relatively recent use as a modern given name. The name means "cross".

4. Cash. This modern name is gaining in popularity, with celebrities using the moniker for their youngsters. Whether you're a Johnny Cash fan or just think it's something different,  this is any interesting choice for parents. Some will be put off by its meaning, which is "hollow".

3. Knox. This is a traditional surname that has been reinvent as a modern baby name, thanks to the efforts of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who gave one of their twins this distinctive name. The meaning of Knox is "from the hills".

2. Jasper. This popular Persian name has become an increasingly hip choice for parents in recent times, no doubt owing some of its popularity to the Twilight franchise. It's also one of the few gem names for boys. This charming name means "keep of treasure".

1. Arlo is becoming a hugely popular modern baby name. It is the given name of one of Toni Collete's children and one of mummy blogger Constance Hall's twins. It is being used all over the world. Its English meaning is "army hill".

Girl's names.

5. Nevaeh, Heaven spelt backwards, became a thing in 2001 and became incredibly popular. This name can be hugely polarising and people tend to have strong feelings about it, either one way or the other.

4. Drew. Unisex names are huge among girls right now and it is difficult to pick just one. Cameron, James, Blake, Ryan - these are all the names of successful celebrities or their offspring. Unfortunately the name does mean "manly" which may put off some parents.

3. Kennedy. Just like boys, surnames are also becoming increasingly popular as given names for girls. This name can be used for either girls or boys, but seems to be increasing in popularity as a girls' name. It means helmeted chief.

2. Zoe. As an English girls' name, this one has only been in use since the 19th century, but it has remained consistently popular during that time. This name means "life" in Greek and it was popular during the Byzantine Empire.

1. Cadence. This name was barely heard of a decade ago, yet seems to have grown in charm and popularity. It also represents a popular trend in terms of "word names" as cadence can also describe a  "modulation or inflection of the voice". The name means rhythm or beat and is a pretty, unusual choice.