From left, Frankie J Alvarez, Jonathan Groff and Murray Bartlett in a scene from the TV series Looking.
From left, Frankie J Alvarez, Jonathan Groff and Murray Bartlett in a scene from the TV series Looking. Foxtel

Looking stars forge friendships on and off screen

AUSTRALIAN actor Murray Bartlett can't believe he gets paid to work with his friends.

The Sydney native stars opposite Jonathan Groff and Frankie J Alvarez in HBO's hit drama Looking, which follows the lives of three gay men living in San Francisco.

"We had a great rapport from day one," Bartlett told APN.

"We all live in New York and, in between seasons, we hung out together and became really great friends. I just adore them.

"The second season felt like hanging out on set with a bunch of friends who I really love, and there was a camera turned on."

The show's second season premieres on Monday on Foxtel's Showcase channel. Bartlett, known for his roles in The Secret Life of Us, Farscape and Sex and the City, plays 40-year-old waiter Dom.

"In the first season Dom is sort of imploding," Bartlett said.

"He's turning 40 and realising he's not really where he wants to be in his life. In the second season he's sort of starting to take baby steps in finding who he is and who he could be at this point in his life.

"He's trying to forge forward but he stumbles a lot."

NCIS: New Orleans star Scott Bakula returns as Dom's business partner and one-time potential love interest Lynn.

"Scott is such an amazing actor. It was fantastic to have him back," he said.

"This show is about exploring three-dimensional characters and Lynn turns out to be a little more complicated than you originally thought. It's interesting the way that storyline develops."

The 43-year-old is often stopped in the street by fans of the show, whether he is filming in San Francisco, at home in New York or visiting family in Australia.

"People come up with often quite a heartfelt response to the show," he said.

"It has touched some kind of chord in them or has been relatable in some ways. I think people respond to the fact that it's a very real, unfiltered style that tries not to hide anything about these characters."

Looking season two debuts tomorrow at 7pm Qld, 8pm NSW on Foxtel's Showcase channel.