Keahne Colebrook, 19, with her puppy Bentley
Keahne Colebrook, 19, with her puppy Bentley

‘Loud dogs tend to die’: Shocking death threat for puppy

A GLENELLA teen is warning pet owners to be on alert after she received a chilling letter from an anonymous person warning "loud dogs tend to die in this neighbourhood".

Keahne Colebrook, 19, had only owned her new puppy Bentley for a week, but was left feeling sick and worried after she found a shocking handwritten note stuck to her front door on Wednesday morning.

"When u (sic) go out at night your dog cries for hours, it is very loud," the letter stated.

"Loud dogs tend to die in this neighbourhood, I would hate for anything to happen to yours."

Ms Colebrook said there had been other cases of dog baiting in the Glenella area over the past two weeks.

Late last month, two jack russells died in an alleged dog baiting attack after the owners received two threatening letters in the mail at their Glenella home just months earlier.

"I don't have any idea (who wrote the letter), but I believe this person is doing this for the sole purpose of wanting to kill dogs," Ms Colebrook said.

SHOCKING: The letter Keahne Colebrook received on Wednesday
SHOCKING: The letter Keahne Colebrook received on Wednesday

"It's not OK to come on someone's property and leave messages on their door, especially when this is a matter that could be dealt with in-person.

"The threats are unnecessary - it makes me angry and a little bit scared if I'm honest."

Ms Colebrook has reported the incident to police and is planning to beef-up her home security.

She wants to share her story to make sure other pet owners remain vigilant.

"I want other people to be alert and to set up cameras. I want this person caught," she said.

Senior Constable Stephen Smith, from the Mackay Police crime prevention unit, said while he was only aware of one recent incident of suspected dog baiting in the region, he had seen several other reports on social media.

He urged anyone with information about suspected cases to report it to police.

"If there is anyone anywhere who is deliberately injuring or taking steps to harm or kill a family pet, that's treated as a serious matter," Sen-Constable Smith.

"Not only because potentially an animal could die, but if a child picks up the bait."

Anyone with information that can help police is urged to phone Policelink on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.