Hamish Elliot, 20, has been eliminated from Camp Biggest Loser leaving new girlfriend Michelle Cortesao, 24, devastated.
Hamish Elliot, 20, has been eliminated from Camp Biggest Loser leaving new girlfriend Michelle Cortesao, 24, devastated. Contributed

Lover eliminated from Biggest Loser

SADLY a romance between two young lovers came to an abrupt end on Monday night at Camp Biggest Loser with the elimination of Hamish Elliot, 20, leaving new girlfriend Michelle Cortesao, 24, devastated.

The couple had never been in a relationship prior to finding each other in the house. Michelle, the once shy brunette with a beautiful singing voice, brought viewers to tears when she told how she had never been kissed, "I won't even make eye contact with a cute boy, I don't want to waste their time."

Hamish said, "Before coming into the house, it was difficult to socialize and be myself, or to be open about my feelings and talk to females. It was something I was desperately missing out on."

The couple had already spent a week apart when Tiffiny's team of under 30 girls were banished to the bush after coming last in a challenge.

"Walking into the weigh-in room, I just couldn't wait to see Michelle," Hamish stated, leaping off the podium to give Michelle a big hug as soon as she entered the room.

"In the first couple of days, it was particularly tough for me to motivate myself to train and to follow things correctly, but Shannan really pushed me and made me come to my senses and to use Michelle as my main motivation. I was able to smash out my training sessions and homework and really tried to apply myself mentally and physically. I have had to face a
lot of fears which I may have not have faced before coming in here."

Unfortunately for Hamish, the odds tonight were against him. He entered the competition weighing in at 148.7kg, lost only 3kgs this week, and was up against house favourite Graham Pilson, "I do feel as though I was a sitting duck, especially since Luke had left. I've immediately felt as if there has been a target on my back to get rid of me and to wipe out the blue team."

"Knowing that I won't get to spend another week with Michelle is heartbreaking. But it's encouraging to know we're both on the same journey, we both started it as people who had the same struggles in life. Since day one we were able to successfully make that connection towards each other and really embrace our time together."

Upon leaving Camp Biggest Loser, Hamish can hold his head high having lost a total of 24.7 kilograms, "I am now a confident person and it is something nice to really embrace. It is a nice feeling knowing that I do like the person I am becoming."

With Luke Stephen's shock departure last week and now Hamish gone, this has left trainer Shannan Ponton without a team.

Where this leaves Shannan is still unknown…