McDonalds was the target of an armed robbery.
McDonalds was the target of an armed robbery. Chris Ison.

Maccas muffin thrower returns to rob restaurant

A BANDIT threw a McDonald's muffin at staff, then returned later wielding a knife to rob the fast-food outlet.

Ipswich Children's Court heard the night of madness continued with a 16-year-old girl behind the wheel of a getaway car crashing into a barrier at they fled the robbery.

Now aged 17 and heavily pregnant, the girl went before Ipswich Children's Court to be sentenced for her role in the crime.

Appearing before Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC, the teenager pleaded guilty to taking part in an armed robbery at Springfield McDonald's at 1.45am on October 22, 2018.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams said while still young, the girl had a lengthy history of offending.

She said the main offender, 30-year old Dylan Keebel, walked into McDonald's at 1.45am and took a muffin from a cabinet.

When confronted by staff Keebel said he thought it was self-service and threw the muffin.

As he walked out with the girl Keebel was overheard to say: "If I can't steal the cake I'll come back and rob this place."

Ms Adams said he returned 10 minutes later with his face covered, pulled a knife from his pocket saying, "give me the till, I just want the till".

A frightened worker handed over $200.

Keebel left and got into a car being driven by the unlicensed girl. The car crashed into a barrier but continued driving.

At 2am the get-away car crashed into an embankment with its three passengers running off into bushland.

Ms Adams said the police dog squad was used and the offenders were found hiding in scrub. As the main offender, Keebel was sentenced to three years jail for the offence.

The Crown under the Youth Justice Act sought a probation order for the girl, with no conviction recorded.

Defence barrister Crystal Lovel revealed the positive efforts the teenager had been making while held in detention, adding that she was due to give birth soon.

She outlined the teenager's problematic childhood, living in dozens of placement and respite homes. She had also been a heavy ice user but has since stopped using drugs.

The court heard she was moving in with a former foster carer who was very supportive and setting up a baby nursery.

Judge Horneman-Wren said a Youth Justice report states her recent efforts were excellent with genuine desire to improve. The girl motivated and determined to keep her baby.

He told the teenager that through her own life experiences she had "a very clear understanding" of precisely what happens when a baby, a child, is separated from the mother, calling her efforts admirable.

Judge Horneman-Wren said her offending history "reflected the chaos and disorder in your young life. You had a very unfortunate life, and upbringing.

"It was a quite horrible childhood. You were exposed to things and introduced to very serious drugs by those people who should have been most cautious to protect you from the very things that you were exposed to," he said.

"But your recent efforts are encouraging with an excellent report from Youth Justice. You have expressed disgust and regret at your participation."

The teenager was sentenced to a supervised six-month probation order.