Gone in a flash: The court ordered continued detention for serial flasher and al fresco masturbator Brad William Simpson.
Gone in a flash: The court ordered continued detention for serial flasher and al fresco masturbator Brad William Simpson. Shutterstock

Library lurker plotted disgusting deed

ESCALATING and unexplained tendencies to target "younger and younger" victims have been discussed at a serial flasher's court hearing.

Brad William Simpson will stay in custody after a judge heard about the Mackay man's possible risk to the public.

Simpson, in his late 30s, has been performing lewd acts including public masturbation for more than a decade.

And Brisbane Supreme Court has heard that even in jail, Simpson exposed himself - to a female mental health expert and to a tutor.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders such as Simpson who are due to be released can be placed on supervision orders, released on parole with supervision, or given continued detention.

On Tuesday, psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden said Simpson would pose a high risk of offending if released without supervision.

A supervision order would reduce that risk, the psychiatrist said.

But victims of Simpson's vulgar activities have included children.

"His victims are becoming younger and younger. He acknowledges that, but doesn't really give an explanation for it," Dr Harden said.

Simpson's public priapic acts have occurred on a bus, a footpath, and in a library.

In 2015, he pleaded guilty to indecent treatment of children for exposing himself to two girls at a Mackay library.

The court on Tuesday heard that indecency was planned.

But while some indecencies were premeditated, others were impulsive, the court heard.

The most likely offence Simpson might commit if released would be indecent exposure, Dr Harden said.

"The chances ... are greater than average that the victim would be a young person."

Another medical expert said it was possible an "organic" component, linked to Simpson's epilepsy, might explain some offending.

Simpson also experienced learning difficulties, the court heard.

The court heard ways to reduce Simpson's risk might include medication, group therapy and individual therapy.

But one doctor said there was little literature showing what use drugs such as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors could have in curbing exhibitionism.

The court heard drunkenness was linked to many, if not all, of the indecencies, and Simpson had been able to get hold of booze even in jail.

Simpson was given continued detention. -NewsRegional