Anne Maddern will take a year off to consider her future

FORMER Member for Maryborough Anne Maddern has cleaned out her Brisbane office as she prepares for the next chapter in her life.

A sombre Ms Maddern, who phoned Bruce Saunders at the weekend to concede defeat said she didn't expect the statewide result.

"I don't think anybody expected the result we got," she said.

After almost four years of public life, she will now take a year off to consider her future.

Maryborough is included in that future with her and husband Lloyd expecting to stay here.

She said health and helping people were her top achievements while in office.

"People tap you on the shoulder and say 'Anne, you fixed my problem'," she said.

"It might not seem like a big problem but to them it may be and to me it was really satisfying."

She said the negativity was the worst part of the job.

And Ms Maddern had some advice for the member-elect.

"The responsibility for the electorate and everyone in it is now his - it's a big responsibility," she said.

"Commitments were made.

"The community will be watching whether those commitments are fulfilled."