Maddern still leads tight race

SEVERAL hundred state election votes were counted at the Maryborough returning office yesterday but the race is still far from over.

The LNP's Anne Maddern picked up 96 votes - jumping from 9604 to 9700, while her opponent Chris Foley went from 8180 to 8260.

But the notional votes, based on expected preferences, showed a slimmer margin, with Mrs Maddern 0.73% ahead of Mr Foley, with 10,856 votes to 10,694.

A total of 83.26% of the votes had been counted by yesterday afternoon, leaving little room for Mr Foley to catch up to his rival and reclaim the Maryborough electorate.

In Hervey Bay, the result was still not officially declared in favour of the LNP's Ted Sorensen, in spite of him holding a lead of almost 10,000 votes over his nearest rival, Bernice Allen of the ALP.

Yesterday evening, Mr Sorensen had 14,963 primary votes to Ms Allen's 5,554.

The ECQ said an official result was expected for Hervey Bay soon.