Madderns pledges $900,000 for CT scanner at M'boro Hospital

MP ANNE Maddern has pledged $900,000 for a CT scanner at Maryborough Hospital.

She said the infrastructure was great news for patients and health staff alike.

"This CT scanner will significantly improve waiting times in Maryborough Hospital's emergency department and means patients won't have to travel elsewhere for CT diagnostic testing," Mrs Maddern said.

"This is one more step in achieving my goal of having fewer and fewer patients having to travel to receive  their treatment.

"I know the local clinical staff's request for a CT scanner fell on deaf ears under Labor and I'm pleased to be part of the strong Newman LNP team that will deliver the frontline health equipment our doctors and nurses need."

She said in the next three years the LNP Government would deliver 120 additional frontline health jobs across the Wide Bay.

"That's 23 additional doctors, 79 additional nurses and 21 additional health practitioners," Ms Maddern said.

Mrs Maddern said the LNP had also created an extra 108 new jobs in Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service during 2014 - including a gastroenterologist, orthopaedic surgeon, nephrologist, general physician, urologists, general surgeons, anaesthetists and three senior emergency medical staff (on top of regular recruitment numbers).

She said dental chairs at Maryborough Hospital had more than doubled from 6 to 15.

"Through smarter planning, we've treated an additional 2195 patients last financial year (119,741) in Wide Bay emergency departments while reducing emergency department wait times," Mrs Maddern said.