Majority of readers have almost finished Christmas shopping

IT seems the majority of readers have almost finished their Christmas shopping with just under two weeks until the big day. 

We asked on Facebook how much Christmas shopping do you have left?

A) I was done before it was even December
B) Halfway through
C) I leave all my shopping until Christmas eve


The majority of respondents answered B, closely followed by A, with a few admitting to leaving the shopping until Christmas Eve. 

Lisa Kemble: "I'm a single mum and I have a massive family (19 of us very close)."

"I only have three left to buy for yay, go me.

"And A most of it was done before December even started."

The Christmas presents under Emma Tapping's tree.
The majority of readers have almost completed their shopping this year.

"But the most important presents are bought (kids) so I'm not stressing."

Robert Reakes: "Either a day before Christmas Eve or Chrissy eve for me."

Mona Egan: "I'm a C girl."

"Hit the shops Christmas Eve - watch out."

Trudi Martin: "A, mine were wrapped and waiting for the Christmas tree to go up in mid October."

Siona O'Regan: "Half way through, the kids are all sorted."

Linda Stonehouse: "I'm still working on it I'm deciding who's naughty and who's nice."

Sabrina Rule I've brought all the presents, waiting on 3 to arrive then wrap those 3 then done

Louisa N Ross Wilson: "Not like me but it is C this year."

Anneliese Scopelliti: "I'm guessing I'll be shopping in the day or two before Christmas."

Maria Spark: "I'm A, started Christmas shopping in June."

Melissa Thomas: "I'm all done and have been for a very long time."

April El-Azzi: "C, it's not about the gifts."

"Teach your kids the real reason why we celebrate Christmas."

Rhi Rhi Mackay: "B. Halfway through haha went broke before I could finish."

Shoppers will descend on Melbourne's shopping centres this month in what is tipped to be the biggest Christmas ever in retail. Picture: Nicki Connolly
Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

Wendy Harding: "In between A and B, half were done before December, only got one more to go now."

Susan McNamara: "B Christmas seemed to arrive to quickly this year, I am normally more organised."

Steve N Mell Nunan: "C. Too many things have come up so close to Christmas so we had to leave it to last minute."

Elizabeth Levine: "B but almost done, just the rellies and little details for the day to go."

TonyandPat Heidenreich: "Half way there still got more stuff to get."

Jayde Thomas: "A mixture between A and B."

Simone Brenia: "B, half done."

Petie Pie: "B but usually it's C."

Teresa Osborne: "A! I love Christmas."

Jacinta-rai Ridgeway-Maahs: "Defiantly C."

Sandra Morton B: "Almost done."

Jolene Beazley: "I am A"

Aliesha Smith: "I haven't started."

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