BE LIKE: A Fraser Coast council candidate's take on the frustrating
BE LIKE: A Fraser Coast council candidate's take on the frustrating "Be Like Bill" meme. photo Contributed Contributed

Maligned Bill meme makes appearance in election campaign

A FRASER Coast council candidate has taken the latest meme clogging everyone's social media timelines and made it a new campaign strategy.

Division six candidate Tristan Duncan took the "Be Like Bill" meme and decided to urge Hervey Bay to instead "Be Like Tristan".

Mr Duncan posted the meme on his social media platforms and on a number Facebook groups on Wednesday night.

"This is Tristan," the meme reads.

"Tristan is running in Division 6.

"Tristan wants common sense, responsible spending, and a council that listens to the community.

"Be smart.

"Vote for Tristan."

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If I see one more person telling me to “Be Like Bill, I’ll scream


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The post is a take of the much maligned "Be Like Bill" meme which passive-aggressively urges people to behave better on social media.

Mr Duncan said he was trying to inject some humour into the often humour-less election campaign period.

"It was just late at night and I had seen the memes going around Facebook and thought it might be funny," he said.

The initial reaction to the meme appeared positive, but many commenters were not sure where division six lies.

The meme, which popped up last week, has already experienced backlash with many people frustrated by the scores of knock-off versions appearing throughout their social media platforms.

So unpopular is the meme that the Queensland Police Service media team even mocked the elusive Bill on Facebook on Monday.

"Queensland Police are searching for a man with a very slight build, dark hat and no nose who has been repeatedly disturbing people's timelines," the post reads.

"He answers to the name Bill."