Man and son lucky to survive after hitting brumby on highway

A WILD pregnant brumby galloping across the Bruce Hwy 10km north of Torbanlea on Christmas night wiped out a VT Commodore Station Wagon at 10.25pm.

The brumby, in foal and "extremely dark and black" according to police, died from its injuries before police, fire crews and ambulance officers could get to the scene of the accident.

A middle-aged man and his adult son in the vehicle were, police said, "extremely lucky to have survived without injury".

The vehicle was a complete write-off after the brumby galloped "right on top of it and also caused substantial front damage", police said.

Crews cleaned up the debris and the dead horse but were concerned that other brumbies, they could hear calling in the bush, might also try to cross the highway.

Police warned motorists to be careful of wildlife when driving during  the holiday period.