A FATHER has been arrested after he was caught tying his 13-year-old daughter to a bike rack on the back of his van.

Footage shows a grey van overtaking the vehicle with the camera operator in, with the girl, dressed in black, strapped to the rear bike rack, reports the NZ Herald.

The incident, which was recorded in Cankiri, Turkey, has gone viral after the footage was posted to social media.

The father's actions have caused outrage on social media with many calling for him to be jailed.
Others have said he should lose custody of his daughter.

Police have since arrested the driver and father of the girl.

The girl's older brother told Turkish news outlet Andalou that his sister "enjoyed" riding on the bike rack and was not tied up against her will.

"My father wanted to make her happy," the 22-year-old said.

"It was not something forced upon her. He drove at 20 kilometres per hour at most and drove only about 700 metres with my sister at the back."

Turkish police have not yet released what charges the man will face.