IMMEDIATE PAROLE: Michael Alan Melville, 18, leaves Maryborough Court.
IMMEDIATE PAROLE: Michael Alan Melville, 18, leaves Maryborough Court. Annie Perets

Man assaults woman during car trip in 'cowardly' attack

A TEEN'S tragic upbringing was no excuse for what Maryborough District Court heard was a "cowardly", prolonged attack on a woman.

Michael Alan Melville punched a woman in the head, forced her wrist over a flame, and pushed a lit cigarette into her back causing a third degree burn.

He pleaded guilty this week to a dozen charges including assault occasioning bodily harm.

The court heard Melville was passed between 60 foster homes before finally finding a permanent place on the Fraser Coast.

He had turned to crimes of violence, drugs, and dishonesty.

The court heard one of his victims, a 38-year-old woman who he'd known for just over a year was a target in a string of violent attacks during a car trip.

After being assaulted, the woman refused to drive so Melville - who had never held a licence and had been drinking - decided to take the wheel.

He drove "erratically, speeding and swerving."

The court heard the victim was "terrified" but was able to free herself from his grasp and run to a person nearby before police were called.

Melville was arrested shortly after.

In custody, Melville made multiple attempts to call the woman despite being ordered to have no contact with her.

He even wrote her a letter, signing it off with another prisoner's name.

The letter requested her to send him money "for everything (she's) done."

One of the other crimes Melville was punished for was failing to pay a taxi fare.

The court heard the teen was passionate about fishing, and hoped to gain employment in the industry in the near future.

He was said to have spent almost seven months in custody awaiting sentencing.

Melville was sentenced to 15-months jail but released on immediate parole.