Fisherman suffers serious injury after being bitten by croc

A 24-YEAR-OLD man has suffered serious injuries to his hand after he was bitten by a croc while fishing.

St John Ambulance officers were called to help the man just before 7pm last night after he was bitten on his right hand by a crocodile while fishing at Mandorah.

It is understood the man was fishing with his friend when the croc lunged out of the water and bit his hand, causing serious injuries.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said the injured man was unsure of the type of croc that bit him but paramedics believe it was a saltie due to the bite mark patterns.

The man was driven to Berry Springs by his mate and was met by paramedics and rushed to Royal Hospital.

The St John Ambulance spokeswoman said the injuries sustained to his hand and fingers required surgery.

Originally published as Man bitten by croc while fishing at Mandorah