A man was fined $1400 in total for a number of drug related offences.
A man was fined $1400 in total for a number of drug related offences.

Man caught driving on meth with weed in car fined $1400

A Fraser Coast man was fined a total of $1400 and disqualified from driving for various drug related offences.

Zacariah Saimoun was charged and pleaded guilty to possessing a dangerous drug, namely cannabis; unlawfully possessing a thing, namely a bong or pipe to be used in connection with a dangerous drug; and driving with a relevant drug present in his saliva, on two separate occasions.

The court heard just after midnight on December 11 2020, Saimoun was driving at Nikenbah when police pulled him over to search for suspected dangerous drugs.

“Police found a plastic container with a small amount of leafy material,” the prosecution said.

“They also located a used water pipe behind the passenger seat and a used metal pipe in the glove compartment.”

The analysis certificate showed it was .16g of cannabis.

For the possession offence Saimoun was convicted and fined $750.

The court also heard at 8pm on October 30 police intercepted Saimoun who was driving at Urangan.

A roadside drug test revealed he had two relevant drugs in his system, one of which was methamphetamine.

Saimoun did not make an application for a work licence as Magistrate Stephen Guttridge questioned whether he realised he will lose his licence.

For the drug driving charge Saimoun was fined $650 and disqualified from holding or obtaining a drivers licence for three months.