SENTENCED: A man claimed he was being sarcastic when he threatened to kill a woman.
SENTENCED: A man claimed he was being sarcastic when he threatened to kill a woman.

Man claims he ‘sarcastically’ threatened to kill DV victim

A MAN who told a woman she better call the police because he was going to kill her, says the remark was meant to be sarcastic.

The man, 57, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to contravention of domestic violence order and obstruct police officer.

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However despite the guilty plea, the man kept arguing with the facts.

The court was told the man told the victim “you want to hope the police come because I’m going to kill you”, however claimed it was meant to be sarcastic.

Appearing via videolink from the Gladstone watch house, the man said no one ever called the police when his partner was yelling or abusive towards him, so his words were not an actual threat but a sarcastic comment about how people reacted in different situations.

But Deputy Chief Magistrate Janelle Brassington wasn’t buying it.

She pointed out a witness had seen him hitting the woman, before adjourning the court as he began to argue the facts as to whether he had thrown glasses at the victim.

Upon return, defence lawyer Bianca Wierland said her client agreed he had thrown a table.

However police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo said the facts were glasses were thrown at the victim, which was clear from the witness’ statement.

The court was once again adjourned, as the man argued the victim didn't say the glasses were thrown.

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Once returned and the facts were agreed to, Ms Brassington handed down her sentence.

She said the man and the victim had been in a relationship for five years with a domestic violence order with conditions to be of good behaviour.

Ms Brassington said that on July 24, a witness reported seeing the man hitting the victim and throwing several glasses at her.

When police arrived, the man was on the balcony and the victim was inside, visibly upset with a red mark on the side of her face.

The victim told police the man had come home drunk and became angry about a male friend she had been visiting, before he threw a coffee table causing mugs to smash.

Ms Brassington said the victim said she had been hit in the face and she was fearful of the man.

The man told the police he had a few beers and he was trying to help the victim who he accused of sleeping with other men, and had smashed the coffee cup out of frustration but denied hitting the victim.

“Relationships can be complex, they can involve conflict between the parties,” Ms Brassington said.

“The (domestic violence orders) are in place to draw a line in the sand to ensure that conflict does not involve domestic violence.”

She noted the man had a previous history of domestic violence including being sentenced for an assault occasioning bodily harm.

The man was sentenced to eight months imprisonment but immediately released on parole.

Anyone seeking help in a domestic violence situation should contact:

1800-Respect: 1800 737 732

Gladstone Women’s Health: 1800 749 222

DV Connect Womensline: 1800 811 811

DV Connect Mensline: 1800 600 636

Policelink 131 444 or 000 in an emergency.