Man claims police broke his arm, sues for $7.5m

AN IPSWICH man has tried to sue police for $7.5million after claiming they broke his arm.

Kerry John Bergin claimed in Brisbane Supreme Court that in August 2016 police assaulted him and broke his arm.

But the court heard much of his submission was "incoherent" and his case was "legally hopeless".

As Mr Bergin has not properly made his claim in accordance with the Queensland Personal Injury Proceedings Act, his bid for money could not continue at this time, a judge found.

In court, an irate Mr Bergin stated police had repeatedly assaulted him and broke his phone and printer and no lawyers would take his case.

But Justice Martin Burns refused to agree with Queensland Police lawyers' call for the case to be thrown out.

"I'm hesitant to strike it out, there is a comprehensible statement (that police broke Mr Bergin's arm)," Justice Burns said.

Instead, Justice Burns struck out Mr Bergin's $7.5million statement of claim and stayed the proceedings until he had properly complied with the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act.

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