A police spokesman said there was nothing to suggest the man's death was suspicious.
A police spokesman said there was nothing to suggest the man's death was suspicious. Tony Martin

Man found dead near Pioneer River

MYSTERY surrounds the death of a 71-year-old Mackay man whose body was found in mangroves near Sandfly Creek.

Police don't know why the man was at the site or how long his lifeless body had been there.

A passer-by found the dead body and notified police about 9.05pm on Thursday.

On Friday, officers scoured mangroves and scrubland at the eastern end of Victoria St as they investigated the man's death.

Four police officers dressed in blue full-body suits, wearing masks and gloves, went in and out of the scrub and converged under a small blue makeshift tent to take refuge from the searing heat.

Police taped off the scene which was guarded by an officer in one of the police vehicles parked nearby.

Council workers near the banks of the Pioneer River had no idea police were there to investigate the discovery of a dead body in the mangroves.

"What's going on over there?," one worker said.

The area is a popular place among Mackay's homeless community, however police could not confirm on Friday whether the man was homeless.

All police said was that the man was aged 71, from Mackay and had not been listed as missing.

His body was pulled out from the mangroves about 12.30pm Friday.

"The body was removed from the scene and taken to the morgue at the Mackay Base Hospital for a further autopsy," a police spokesman said.

Police wound up their investigations at the scene about half an hour later.

Police said there was nothing to suggest foul play was involved, however they were yet to fully rule out that the death was suspicious.