Daniel Panschow pleaded guilty to nine charges in Proserpine Magistrates Court.
Daniel Panschow pleaded guilty to nine charges in Proserpine Magistrates Court. Contributed

Homeless man in hospital lockdown, crime spree

THE man partially responsible for sending Proserpine Hospital into lockdown earlier this year and later attempted to break into the Whitsunday Brahmans clubhouse will spend months behind bars.

Solicitor Ali Ladd told Proserpine Magistrates Court this week the series of crimes was a result of the man's homelessness and lack of family support.

Daniel Murphy William Panschow, 28, pleaded guilty to a total of nine charges including trespassing at the Proserpine Motor Lodge, possessing a knife in a public place and several drug-related charges.

All nine offences occurred in Proserpine.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Emma Myors told the court Panschow's series of crimes started on April 18 when he was a part of a physical fight at the Proserpine Hospital.

"The defendant has run inside the hospital to get away from the group of males when they started to attack him," she said.

"They stated to police that they were walking past when the defendant attempted to attack them with a piece of wood.

"The hospital was placed in lockdown where CCTV footage shows three males fighting in the foyer."

On September 1, police were called after a Main St motor lodge staff member approached one of their rooms.

"The defendant was found in the room and he was tidying the room so he could sleep in it," Sgt Myors said.

Only six days later, on September 7, police responded to reports of someone trying to break into the Brahmans clubhouse.

"Police arrived at Les Stagg Oval," Sgt Myors said.

"They observed the defendant on the football grounds.

"He said to police that he was looking for his dog."

Magistrate James Morton said Panschow's recent crimes reflected his current homelessness, but he wouldn't accept that as an excuse for causing chaos across Proserpine.

"You seem to have slipped into a recluse type of offending," Mr Morton said.

"You are the victim of a lot of circumstances here, but I find it unfortunate and unable to believe that someone in your position could be homeless in 2019.

"The biggest thing against you right now, is that you forced the hospital into lockdown."

Mr Morton said Panschow had an extensive criminal history in both the district and magistrate courts.

Panschow will spend a total of six months behind bars for all nine charges.