Man livestreams death threats while holding gun

A VIDEO feed livestreaming on Facebook caused an alarmed Ipswich resident to ring police and report that a man was making threats to kill and looked to be holding a gun.

The Australia Day incident caused police to bring in its Polair helicopter to survey the Goodna house.

Snapshots captured of the live stream video were sent to police to help identify the people at the Audrey St house.

None of these facts were revealed by police or an Ipswich magistrate in open court when the man charged with the related weapon, explosives and drug offences appeared.

The facts could only be obtained by The Queensland Times court reporter making an official application to the Ipswich Courthouse, then paying a $15 fee to be able to read the agreed police facts.

The man who caused the incident in Goodna, Kyle Hayden Rehbein, 29, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils just before midnight on January 26; not having authority to possess explosives (ammunition); and unlawful possession of weapons.

The bought facts revealed Rehbein was found with shotgun ammunition and .22 ammunition, a spring-loaded flick knife, drug smoking pipes and cone pieces; a glass methamphetamine pipe, electric grinder and scales.

The facts, which the court was silent on when the matter went before magistrate Donna MacCallum, stated a person contacted police before midnight about a broadcast in which a male possessed a black firearm, knives and ammunition, and was seen to be smoking drugs.

"Police were told he was making serious threats to unknown people to come to his house so he can kill them," the facts state.

"The captured images show a male consistent with the appearance of the accused.

"In these photos, police see him waving a black object in one hand consistent in appearance with a handgun.

"Police see a close up image of a round of ammunition in someone's hand."

Police believed it was necessary to enter the house given the threats, the man's level of intoxication, continued consumption of drugs, the presence of weapons, knives sand ammunition, and the possibility of a firearm.

Police went to the front door at 11.50pm with the tactical response officers surrounding the house.

Officers found Rehbein in a bedroom, apparently unconscious. Paramedics attended with Rehbein examined and given a medical clearance.

Police found 44 .22 bullets, and eight shotgun ammunition rounds. There was no mention of a gun being found at the house.

Barrister Geoffrey Seaholme made a defence submission on penalty arguing although Rehbein was likely facing a jail term he sought his release on immediate parole.

Mr Seaholme said the explosive items belonged to the now deceased grandfather of Rehbein, and he'd been instructed not to dispose of anything.

"He has a history for drug use and uses cannabis for pain relief," Mr Seaholme said.

"On that night he was very intoxicated and does not remember anything of it.

"He says he wasn't waving a gun around."

Mr Seaholme said Rehbein was on Centrelink and received $640 a fortnight, and intended to move away from Ipswich.

Ms MacCallum said Rehbein's guilty pleas were timely.

"It is very concerning for a person (in such an incident) to live stream a video," she said.

Ms MacCallum sentenced Rehbein to jail terms of four months, and one month on other charges - concurrent -with immediate parole.