David Stuart

Man convicted for refusing computer password to police

WHEN it comes to court, there are usually winners and losers.

But a Bundaberg man became both after fighting convictions that stemmed from him refusing to give a computer password to police.

Hadyn Benjamin Shorten's Maroochydore District Court application to overturn decisions in a Bundaberg court has delivered mixed results.

Bundaberg Magistrates Court convicted the 24-year-old of disobeying a lawful order and obstructing police on May 14.

It sentenced him to serve two months of a six-month jail term for the first count and fined him $650 on the second.

The charges followed the accused refusing to hand over a pass code to a locked laptop police seized while they were investigating another matter.

Shorten appealed the conviction and fine in the district court last month, successfully arguing the warrant was not lawful.

The court set aside the disobey conviction and ordered the Crown pay costs of $1750.

However, it upheld the obstructing conviction.