She needed 58 days in hospital after being robbed and run over.
She needed 58 days in hospital after being robbed and run over. Pexels

Man runs over naked sex worker after demanding refund

HE robbed her, ran her over, leaving her screaming in pain and naked on the road.

Darren Kenneth Doeblien of Ipswich went to see an escort in November 2016.

High on the drug ice and unsatisfied with the sex service, he demanded a $50 refund.

Judge Glen Cash said the woman refused.

Doeblien, 48, snatched her mobile phone, punched her, and started leaving the apartment.

She held on as Doeblien walked outside, Judge Cash told Brisbane District Court on Friday.

Doeblien started reversing, with the nude woman holding on through the open driver's door.

With a knife, he cut the belt she held.

She fell and her lower body was run over.

"You must have realised there was a very real likelihood that she had been injured," Judge Cash said.

"Despite that, you left the scene."

The woman was found lying naked "screaming in pain," Judge Cash added.

She spent about 58 days hospitalised with rib, spinal column and pelvic fractures.

Judge Cash said a doctor's opinion was the woman could've been paralysed without treatment.

Doeblien, a drag racer and galvaniser, told police he stole the phone but denied running her over.

Judge Cash accepted Doeblien did not intentionally run over the woman.

He said Doeblien was remorseful and "appropriately upset" and drug use was a catalyst for the crimes.

But he added: "It was your choice to use the drug."

The judge said the woman already had a tough job and was "simply trying to earn a living".

The court heard Doeblien started using ice after a workplace accident and job loss.

Judge Cash said Doeblien was "extraordinarily fortunate to still have the support of his family".

Doeblien took first aid, drug and dog care programs in prison.

He was sentenced for robbery with personal violence, and dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm.

He got four years' jail but had already served 464 days in custody.

Judge Cash suspended the sentence for five years, ordering immediate parole release.

"Stay away from drugs," Judge Cash said. "Make sure you do the right thing." -NewsRegional