Erich Rodney Koelbel sent multiple threatening messages to his ex-partner after a break up.
Erich Rodney Koelbel sent multiple threatening messages to his ex-partner after a break up. MaxPixel's contributors

Man sends shocking email threats after break-up

A FORMER Mackay rugby league player sent messages threatening to bash his former girlfriend after she took the engagement ring and emptied their shared bank account.

"You made your bed c***, f***ing left me with nothing and you expect me to be cool you c*** ... I'm going to regret it but I'm on my way," Erich Rodney Koelbel wrote.

He was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to using a carriage service to menace or harass.

Over five hours, Koelbel sent multiple abusive messages to his former partner including threatening to "slit" her dog's eyes following a break-up.

"Where the f*** is the engagement ring c***," he wrote in September last year.

"Transfer $500 into the account immediately c*** and I'll spare you and your mates and your family's f***ing faces."

Prosecutor Josh Morris told Mackay Magistrates Court Koelbel then tried to phone the woman 39 times leaving abusive voice mails. He said it was a serious example of the charge.

Solicitor Antoinette Morton said Koelbel was extremely remorseful and embarrassed.

Ms Morton told the court Koelbel had reacted after returning home to find all his property gone including his two dogs and the engagement ring "which they had previously discussed being returned to (him)".

"He did not leave his residence," she said.

A talented rugby league player, Koelbel was living in Brisbane at the time but had since returned to the region to play for Sarina and possibly the Mackay Cutters.

However, the court heard he was returning to Brisbane and will play for the Panthers.

The court heard he was on a mental health care plan and there was ongoing interest for him to join the army. Koelbel was also fined $750. Convictions were not recorded.