A man has been jailed for the rape and sexual abuse of two little girls on the Sunshine Coast.
A man has been jailed for the rape and sexual abuse of two little girls on the Sunshine Coast. DAVE HUNT

Man sexually abused girl as wife pretended to sleep nearby

IT WAS supposed to be a fun summer holiday in a Queensland beach paradise, but an elderly man used his position as a carer to rape and sexually violate two young sisters.

His wife pretended to sleep during one attack as metres away from her, the man orally raped one of the girls.

The man raped and sexually assaulted the sisters, who were under 16, while he and his wife were caring for them on school holidays at Boreen Point in Noosa.

The man was a relative of the victims and was helping care for them while their parents were away.

He violated the girls during a day out on a Sunshine Coast lake, even assaulting one while they were in a kayak on the water.

He also attacked them in his car, at his own home, at the house of neighbour, while one of the girls was trying to use a computer and while they were trying to watch a DVD.

The Queensland Court of Appeal on Tuesday rejected the 67-year-old child molester's attempt to have his convictions overturned, ruling there was no merit to his claim of a "miscarriage of justice".

A jury convicted the man on April 21 of 12 sexually violent offences against the sisters.

He was sentenced to four years and six months in jail.

During one attack his wife was sleeping just metres away and when she woke up the rapist yelled at her, the appeal court judgment says.

"He physically grabbed me and made me do it," one of the victims told the jury.

"Then she (the wife) woke up and saw him.

"And he sort of like got angry and pretty much yelled at her saying go back to sleep.

"And she pretended to sleep ... and she's turned around, she's turned around."

During his trial, the rapist claimed he did not commit the offences because he could not get an erection because of prostate cancer.

His GP rejected this, saying the man had never complained of erectile dysfunction.

The man will be eligible to apply for parole in July 2019. - NewsRegional