TECHNICALLY GUILTY : Robert Berry leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court.
TECHNICALLY GUILTY : Robert Berry leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

Man busted 'speeding' after funeral cleared of unfair fine

AN Ipswich court heard how a number of mourners were caught speeding after departing a funeral, unaware of the school zone they were driving through due to a lack of signage.

Robert James Berry, 68, told Ipswich Magistrates Court he did not intentionally drive at 60km/h through the 40km/h zone on Stuart St, Goodna on November 12 last year.

He was driving at about 11am on the day and was shocked to later receive a $261 fine in the mail.

The school zone speed limit for Westside Christian College's on Stuart St is 40km between 7am-4pm.

The Clontarf man said to the court there were no speed restriction signs on the route the funeral-goers took so he was unaware he was breaking the law.

He showed magistrate Virginia Sturgess exchanges with Ipswich City Council that revealed council subsequently erected signage after being notified of the incident.

Berry pleaded guilty to one count of disobeying the speed limit in a school zone.

Magistrate Sturgess found him to be 'technically guilty' but that because extenuating circumstances existed, she convicted him and didn't further punish him.

"The law is of no assistance to you (in this case)," she said.