A man was caught drink-driving not far from his home.
A man was caught drink-driving not far from his home.

Man supervising learner gets done for drink-driving

A CALLIOPE man didn't think he would get caught when he jumped in a car to get some firewood.

Justin Mark Sheehan pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to drink-driving.

The court was told that Sheehan was intercepted on August 15 at Calliope, where he was supervising a learner driver.

He told police he had consumed about five or six beers.

He returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.073.

Self-represented, Sheehan told the court he had guests over that afternoon and had a few drinks before his son came home and asked to get firewood.

"I foolishly believed I would be under the limit," Sheehan said.

He said they hadn't driven more than 400m from home, however he accepted responsibility and apologised to the court.

Sheehan was convicted and fined $350 and disqualified from driving for one month.

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