Man walking a ‘fine line’ after DV breach

"MEN are afraid of women making fun of them, woman are afraid of men killing them".

Those were the words of Magistrate Andrew Moloney before sentencing a man for two counts of breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Macushla Pattinson told the court how on November 17 the defendant broke one of the conditions of his domestic violence order where he had to be of good behaviour to the aggrieved.

The court heard the pair were talking before things escalated into an argument.

The man then punched a door causing damage.

On December 4 there was another argument where the defendant made claims the aggrieved cheated on him and called her a 's--t'.

The aggrieved told the man to stop numerous times and became upset.

The man grabbed the aggrieved's phone out of her hand and threatened to throw it.

Sen Const Pattinson told the court that during the argument the aggrieved told the man to stop and that she was done.

She also said she was frightened.

She also alleged the man put a hand on her throat and added pressure, but he was not charged with that.

The man's lawyer, Lavonda Maloy told the court her client had been in a relationship with the aggrieved for the past six years.

Ms Maloy said her client suffered from depression and anxiety and was now medicated for both conditions, although he wasn't at the time of the breaches.

She said the man was also participating in a men's change program.

Mr Moloney took into account the man's plea of guilty and the facts.

He told the defendant he was "walking a fine line".

"You used disgraceful slurs directed at your partner," he said.

"There are no allegations your hand on her was more than pressure."

Mr Moloney also took into account the man's efforts to change his ways by participating in a men's change program and ordered him to 18 months probation.