This man wants you to see his dead wife and baby

Warning: contains distressing images.

THE images on this page are extremely distressing but there's a very good reason a husband and father wants you to see them.

A young mother, 36 weeks pregnant with a little girl, was hit by a drunk driver in California last month. The woman, 29-year-old Krystil Kincaid and her unborn daughter Avalynn were both killed.

Now Krystil's husband and Avlynn's father, Zach, wants the world to see the heartbreaking photos of Krystil and Avalynn in their shared coffin to warn the world of the devastation caused by drunk drivers, and to urge California to tighten its laws to punish those who do it.

The photos show a lifeless young woman holding her tiny baby in a red tutu in her arms while her grieving family says their goodbyes.

"A drunk driver speeding down a two lane highway at 85+mph in the wrong lane around a blind corner destroyed my family," Zach wrote in an online petition.

"My daughter's due date was October 9th," he adds, before explaining that because Avalynn wasn't yet born, the man who crashed into Krystil's car was only charged with Krystil's death, not Avalynn's.

"A 36-week-old fully developed baby isn't considered a person in the state of California."

"How do I explain to my children this injustice," the grieving father said. "My children and I have never felt so disposable... Look at the devastation left behind that is my family. Imagine if this was your family."

Krystil, a devoted mother, left behind an 11-year-old daughter, two sons aged four and eight and a 14-year-old stepdaughter.

In the photos, one of the the children can be seen hugging the coffin of his mother and little sister.

Krystil was talking to her husband on speakerphone while driving when a car coming towards her veered out of its lane and hit her head-on on September 9. The mangled car burst into flames.

Today, Zach is haunted by the sound of Krystil's piercing scream, the last thing he ever heard from his wife.

The driver of the other vehicle was reigning World Boxing Federation International Super Bantamweight champ Marcos Forestal, who cruelly live-streamed the aftermath of the crash, accompanying the video with the words "Look what happened to me guys".

The video was later taken down.

Krystil and her unborn baby were airlifted to hospital but their lives couldn't be saved. Zach then had to take his four other children to say goodbye to their mother and sister in hospital.

Devastatingly, the little ones believed they were going to hospital to meet their new sister.

The driver was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. He is due back in court on November 1. He faces 10 years prison if convicted.

The charges related only to Krystil's death, not that of her unborn baby. Zach has now begun a petition to try to force the state of California to recognise unborn babies as children in murder and manslaughter cases and for harsher penalties for drunk driving.

The case echoes that of young Queensland woman Sarah Milesovic who was hit by a drunk driver in 2014 when she was 39 weeks pregnant. Sarah and her husband Peter were both critically injured in the crash. Tragically their unborn daughter Sophie, who was due to come into the world only six days later, couldn't be saved.

Peter and Sarah were forced to say goodbye to Sophie too soon. Source: Facebook.
Peter and Sarah were forced to say goodbye to Sophie too soon. Source: Facebook.

The driver, 33-year-old Rodney Leigh Shaw was fined just $950 and given a five month suspended sentence. His charges related only to drink driving and speeding. Because Sophie wasn't born, he couldn't be charged with her death.

Sarah is now petitioning the Queensland government to pass "Sophie's Law" which would give unborn foetuses "personhood" status after 30 weeks gestation. However earlier attempts to pass similar laws in other Australian states - including Zoe's Law, named for a little girl also killed in utero after her mother was hit by a driver under the influence of drugs - have failed, partly because it's thought they could impact abortion laws.

You can follow Sarah's progress on the Sophie's Law Facebook page and sign Zach Kincaid's petition here.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.