GUILTY PLEA: The 32-year-old man pleaded guilty to strangling and stealing in court on Thursday.
GUILTY PLEA: The 32-year-old man pleaded guilty to strangling and stealing in court on Thursday. Christopher Chan

Man who climbed through window and strangled woman walks

A BUNDABERG man climbed through his former partner's bedroom window and strangled her for 40 seconds as she struggled to escape his grasp, a court has been told.

The 32-year-old man pleaded guilty in the Bundaberg District Court on Thursday to strangling, stealing and enter dwelling charges.

Crown prosecutor Chris Cook said the woman had tried to pull away from her ex, but his grip around her throat had been far too tight.

He said the abuse, which took place in September, continued for some time and was preceded by a number of derogatory comments.

Judge Jennifer Rosengren added that the woman lost conciousness during the event.

"They are serious examples of the infliction of violence against anyone," the judge said.

"She had a right to expect to feel safe in her home environment and it is nothing short of a most gross abuse of trust that somebody places in you, to force yourself into her bedroom window and then assault her and otherwise treat her in the abhorrent way you did.

"I truly hope you realise the very significant psychological impact your conduct has had on the complainant."

Mr Cook said that when the mum of two was finally let go, she was told she deserved it.

"Eventually she was able to flee from the house," he said.

The court heard the woman's neighbour was trying to help her when the man threw her keys at her face.

The man was on bail for the contravention of a domestic violence order, with a fullt-ime discharge date on May 19, 2019, at the time of the offending.

Taking that into account, Judge Rosengren sentenced him to 18 months and six months in prison, to be served concurrently but on top of his current sentence.

The full-time expiry of his sentence is November 19, 2020.

He was released on parole.