Mangrove solution expected soon

CAMPAIGNERS for the removal of “out-of-control” mangroves along the Mary River in Maryborough say they are confident they will “finally get a result very soon.”

For three years, the business community has pushed for 500 metres of mangroves from the Brolga Theatre to the public jetty to be relocated so visitors and residents can enjoy picturesque views instead of an “eyesore”.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council has now released a Mangrove Management Strategy and is calling for the community to have its say.

"We think it would really open up the whole area and reactivate our riverfront,” Maryborough Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Clay Clayton said.

He said the chamber believed the best solution to ensure clearing the mangroves did not turn into a “burdensome expense” for the council was to then build a rock wall along the riverbank.

“That way there's no ongoing maitenance. If these mangroves were simply trimmed back it would be a very, very expensive exercise maintaining them.

"And the more you cut mangroves, the more they grow.”

Fraser Coast councillor Gerard O'Connell said he agreed something had to be done about the “overgrown” mangroves.