Many parents think it is ok to supply teens with grog

DO you think it is okay to give alcohol to your underage children and their mates?

A study from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education  (FARE) has revealed nearly a third of people surveyed think it's ok if kids are in a safe environment. 

The study has found most think supplying alcohol to teens is less concerning than other illegal activity related to alcohol like drink driving. 

The FARE study asked more than 400 parents and non-parents questions about a hypothetical scenario where a dad allowed his 16-year-old son and his friends to have two beers each at an 18th birthday party at which they were present.

Do you think it's okay to supply alcohol to teenagers under the age of 18  if they're at home? Join the conversation below. 

Nearly a third of respondents said because it was safe due to the "safe environment" the teenagers were in while consuming the alcohol.

Only one in 10 respondents said it was ok because "everybody does it".